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Care Coordinators

A Care Coordinator for Change the World (CTW) will be the point of contact for the family that will have work done to their home. A Care Coordinator is someone who is friendly, caring, and a good listener. They have a heart for people and are willing to be helpful to those who have physical or emotional needs.


  1. Make an initial contact with the family. Ideally, you will visit as the same time as the project leader when he/she assesses the project. At this meeting, the Care Coordinator will introduce him/herself and visit for a short time.
    • Please note that you cannot promise work that CTW volunteers will or will not be able to do. If there are specific concerns shared, please make a note of them and pass them along to the project leader for the home.
  2. On the day that the work will take place, the Care Coordinator will come to First United Methodist of Allen and pick up the lunches for the team at the work site. You will deliver the lunches and have a longer visit with the family. During this visit, the Care Coordinator will have a checklist that they will fill out to determine any needs of the family.
  3. Follow up visit. Plan a visit with the family after the work has been done to check in with them.  Ask the family to fill out a 3 question survey.
  4. Spiritual need/ Prayers concerns. In a gentle, nonintrusive way, invite the conversation about faith and if the homeowner has a church home or is interested in continuing the relationship begun over Change the World weekend. Offer to pray with the homeowner if they are open to it. Assure them that you are praying for them.

CTW Allen in the future will be able to assist our neighbors in need, year round!  Please consider volunteering to serve as a Care Coordinator on the Year-Round Team when you respond to this year’s CTW Weekend.

Tools for Care Coordinators

Contact Ruth Swingle to get Involved

Download the In Home Assessment Survey

If you prefer to download the In Home Assessment Survey, click Survey and return the completed form to Ruth Swingle, the Care Coordinator Group Leader.

After your follow up visit, complete the 3 question survey here.