Change The World Allen

Change the World Allen

Home Repair and Yard Work Projects

In 2021 we are continuing to enable volunteers to work on home repair and yard work projects while observing current COVID-19 social distancing guidance and other appropriate safety measures.  For each property, we are planning to have the work done in small sub-projects, such that each sub-project can be accomplished by a family or other small group of volunteers.  Furthermore, we will support project teams throughout the year, with projects typically scheduled on one or two weekends per month.  Volunteer teams may do their projects on the timing that works for them, with the work at any single property possibly spanning several weeks.  To make it easier for you to identify a sub-project to support, we’ve listed the sub-projects below by the type of work that needs to be done.  We encourage you to look through the lists below and find one or more sub-projects that match your skills and interests.  Then click on the Volunteer box and complete the survey.  We’ll do our best to match volunteers, project leaders, and sub-projects based on your preferences and availability.  We look forward to connecting with you and working together to provide these much-needed services to our community.

Planned Project Dates:

May 14 – 15 CTWA Kickoff Weekend

May 22 – 23 Follow-on / completion of projects from previous weekend event

June 5 – 6

June 26 – 27

Flexible scheduling on other dates can be arranged to match volunteer team availability.


Volunteer for Projects Described Below

 Project Sites

Volunteer teams who wish to undertake all of the work at a particular site may choose from the following list of current home repair and yard work project sites:

B-407: Fence repair; landscaping / replace shrubs; exterior painting (house numbers); reseal windows; replace outdoor lights

C-509: Fence staining; landscaping / replace shrubs

C-908: Fence staining

C-1608: Fence repair; landscaping / replace shrubs; siding repair; exterior painting (doors only); brick repair; replace outdoor lights; remove satellite dish; sprinkler repairs; build paver patio; clean gutters; replace tub handles; replace ceiling fan (interior)

C-1705:  Siding / trim; gutter attachment & cleaning; caulking; painting; fence straightening; yard work  (4 volunteers needed Saturday & Sunday, 15/16-May-2021 for siding / trim work and gutter repair / cleaning)


D-1530: Yard work, fence staining, siding / fascia / soffit / trim repair, exterior painting (10 volunteers needed Saturday, 15-May-2021 for siding / trim work)




Volunteers and teams who wish to focus on a particular type of project or a limited scope of work may choose from any of the sub-projects in the following categories.  We will help coordinate between multiple volunteers and project teams doing various sub-projects at any given project site.

Yard Work
B-407-Y1 Fix loose bricks around front landscaping beds; remove dead shrubs from beds and replace with new shrubs; put flowers / plants in 3 beds on side / back of house; plant grass seed in front yard; improve drainage in back yard TBD


C-509-Y1 Flower / shrub planting TBD


C-1608-Y1 Remove / replace dead shrubs TBD


D-1530-Y1 Mow & trim yard, weed driveway & sidewalk & beds, spread mulch in beds, trim shrubs, remove 4 – 6 small trees / shrubs TBD




Fence Repair & Decks


B-407-F1 Reset / replace 15 metal fence poles along 131 ft fence; repair / rebuild fence gate TBD


C-1608-F1 Reset / replace metal fence poles; replace and stain 40 – 50 pickets; repair both fence doors TBD





C-1608-S1 Replace long strip of siding over garage TBD


D-1530-S1 Replace all first floor siding & trim at rear of house; caulk seams & joints TBD


D-1530-S2 Replace siding & trim between lower and upper roof planes at rear of home; caulk seams & joints TBD


D-1530-S3 Repair fascia and soffit at multiple locations on the house; caulk seams & joints; replace all soffit vents; close gap at trim above overhead garage door TBD





Tree Stumps
C-1509-S1 Tree stumps May 15 / 16


C-7314-S1 Tree stumps May 15 / 16


D-1509-S1 Tree stumps May 15/16


D-1530-S1 Small strays May 15 / 16


D-1705-S1 Tree stumps May 15 / 16



Painting & Staining


B-407-P1 Paint house numbers (on concrete plaque attached to house) TBD


C-509-P1 Fence staining TBD


C-908-P1 Fence staining – 167ft long; can be divided into several sub-projects TBD


C-1608-P1 Repaint front doors TBD


D-1530-P1 Prime and paint siding and trim at rear of house TBD
  Timing depends on completion of D-1530-S1
D-1530-P2 Prime and paint siding and trim between lower & upper roof panes TBD
  Timing depends upon completion of D-1530-S2
D1530-P3 Prime and paint fascia & soffits on house TBD
  Timing depends upon completion of D-1530-S3




Windows & Doors


B-407-W1 Reseal some windows TBD



Masonry & Concrete


C-1608-M1 Fix bricks in front pillar; fill in long vertical gap / seam between sections of brick wall TBD




Coming soon…. 

B-407-G1 Replace 2 front outdoor lights TBD


C-1608-G1 Replace front outdoor light and outdoor light in back TBD


C-1608-G2 Remove satellite dish from low roof TBD


C-1608-G3 Build 10′ x 12′ paver patio TBD


C-1608-G4 Sprinkler repairs TBD


C-1608-G5 Replace tub handles TBD


C-1608-G6 Clean gutters TBD


C-1608-G7 Install new ceiling fan (interior) TBD